Cailyn Huston | ABOUT
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It's like Caitlin without the t
Cailyn Huston is a photographer, graphic designer, and lover of vinegar.

Hi, I’m Cailyn.

I once sat three rows behind Alan Rickman at a George Bernard Shaw lecture; it’s been downhill ever since. I love vinegar, Jeopardy, rugby, snail mail, and writing with markers.


Any free time I find is spent trekking through the woods with my dogs, trying very hard to master a long list of Polish and Italian family recipes, and slowly, slowly remodeling a 1967 split-level.


I wouldn’t mind sitting through another George Bernard Shaw lecture, and my family is embarrassed by the amount of vinegar I consume.










Fan of: clean lines, fantastic client experiences, and memorable digital communication.


I’ve worked with agencies, small businesses, multinational companies, and, most recently, a crazy-busy university athletics department. I like finding simple solutions to complex visual problems, and I drink a lot of coffee. Finding a personal, memorable voice to pair with online graphics is important to me. My desk is never without PostIts and markers. My Spotify feed is often embarrassing, but I think wearing headphones gives me superpowers.


Devoted to: genuine emotions, natural light, and framing everything.


I shoot a lot of portraits. I enjoy knowing that something I’ve created will be framed and taken care of for the next 100 years. Other than occasionally making people laugh from behind my camera, I have experience shooting events, doing product and commercial photography, and art direction for print and web. I carry my camera and a 40mm lens almost everywhere. I enjoy retouching, but despise skin that looks like plastic.


Inspired by: really funny people on Twitter, succinct emails with impeccable punctuation, and people that know the difference between your and you’re.


I was once called “pretty funny” by an editor, and a lot of my recommendation letters cite self-deprecation as a positive attribute of my writing style. Though I will never write a novel, I can proofread. My love of language forces me to spend a lot of time on Duolingo. Did you know that melk is Dutch for milk?